Why Kill The Innocent by C. S. Harris

April 5, 2018

Why Kill the Innocent by C. S. Harris


My Rating: 5 out of 5 Pearls
Series: Sebastian St. Cyr 
Publication Date: April 3, 2018

A brutal murder draws nobleman Sebastian St. Cyr into the tangled web of the British royal court in this gripping historical mystery from the national bestselling author of Where the Dead Lie.

London, 1814. As a cruel winter holds the city in its icy grip, the bloody body of a beautiful young musician is found half-buried in a snowdrift. Jane Ambrose’s ties to Princess Charlotte, the only child of the Prince Regent and heir presumptive to the throne, panic the palace, which moves quickly to shut down any investigation into the death of the talented pianist. But Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, and his wife Hero refuse to allow Jane’s murderer to escape justice.

Untangling the secrets of Jane’s world leads Sebastian into a maze of dangerous treachery where each player has his or her own unsavory agenda and no one can be trusted. As the Thames freezes over and the people of London pour onto the ice for a Frost Fair, Sebastian and Hero find their investigation circling back to the palace and building to a chilling crescendo of deceit and death . . .

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I love  this series, I can’t imagine why this has not been made into an original series, on PBS! It has everything, a sexy hero, who fought in the Napoleonic War, two beautiful women who desperately want him,  Kat is a beautiful Irish actress, his first love! She is considered a great beauty, and the greatest actress of her time, there is nothing, including her body that she would not give him, nor was she a virgin when they met. Personally, I don’t care for her. I like, Hero, yes, Hero. Her father is the powerful Lord Jarvis, distant cousin to the Prince Regent. Hero is extremely intelligent, totally self-confident, loyal, and the best thing about her? She is smart enough to carry a gun, that her father, Lord Jarvis had made for her. She knows how to clean it,and she certainly will use it, to defend herself, and those she loves! We are now up to book 13, she and Sebastian St. Cyr had to marry, they have been through some rough times. Hero, was more than willing to let him go, once her child was born, considering how much he loved Kat. However, almost losing this brave, smart, loving woman, nearly destroyed him, he realized he truly loved her, just as she is. Knowing her father, is his worst enemy, Lord Jarvis would not hesitate to kill his much-loved daughter’s husband. In this story, the baby, Simon is One, his Birthday comes in the midst of a great snow storm, that freezes the Thames. Hero, and a friend come across a dead body, while helping a poor woman about to give birth. The body is that of Princess Charlotte’s piano teacher! Of course, it is taken out of the Bow Street Runners hands, by the orders of Lord Jarvis. Now, begins, Hero, and Sebastian’s hunt for the killer, which takes them to the Queen, to Henry Of Orange, Prince of Denmark, to the dead woman’s husband, next is a close friend of her brother’s. It is as usual well written, the characters are all well-developed, and it is a great mystery. The only thing I did not care for, there is not enough affection between Hero, and Sebastian. However, I cannot wait until Hero finds out, about her cousin, and her father! Were they having an affair, before her Mother died? I truly wish Ms. Harris, would write two of these a year, it is difficult waiting a whole year, for one more look, at this extraordinary pair!

I Highly Recommend! Thanks! Enjoy!




It Happened in the Highlands by May McGoldrick(The Pennington Family, #2)

April 1, 2018

It Happened in the Highlands by May McGoldrick


My Review: 1 out of 5 Pearls
Series: The Pennington Family #2
Publication Date: March 27, 2018

Lady Josephine Pennington was jilted by her fiancé once rumors spread about her questionable origins. Her adoptive parents have always provided her with the love and protection she’s needed to feel secure, and over the last sixteen years she’s molded herself to meet the expectations of others. When she receives a package containing sketches where the subject is eerily familiar, Jo believes she might have found a clue to the identity of her birth mother.

When Captain Wynne Melfort ended his engagement to Jo Pennington sixteen years ago, he never imagined he would see her again. But after he uncovers information that could reveal the truth about Jo’s parentage, Wynne feels bound by duty to right an old wrong and inform her of his find. He didn’t expect for feelings long thought dead to resurface, for in his mind a love departed was gone forever.

As they strive to unravel the mystery of her birth, Jo must learn how to trust the man who’d once rejected her and Wynne must reconcile his head with his heart. But as secrets of the past begin to surface, evil forces will stop at nothing to keep Jo from uncovering the truth and reclaiming her legacy. Together, Jo and Wynne must fight the deadly menace lurking deep in the Highland mists.

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I do not like wimpy heroes! Wynne dumps Lady Josephine, because he thinks it best for her! She is sweet, loving, kind, compassionate, and beautiful! The Author’s, whom I like, gave her a poor, low self-esteem! Sixteen years go by, instead of marrying the handsome Doctor, who falls for her immediately, no, she gives into Wynne, the guy who cheated on her, while dating, and had many types of women after he dumps her! I wanted to stop reading after the second Chapter!

I loved the previous books in the Pennington series, however, I firmly believe Lady Josephine deserved better than a man who would not stand up for, just because, she had been adopted! Yet, during that time period, he would marry a woman of Black descent, they didn’t use the term Afican American back then. Which would have caused more of a stir, within the ton, than if he had married Lady Josephine!?

I honestly believe that I am being punished for telling the truth, this is how I felt about the book! Lady Josephine deserved someone who love her much more, than Wynne, who was looking for a Mother for his troubled son. I honestly did prefer the handsome Doctor, who fell in love with her at first sight! That is my honest opinion!

It is obvious to me, that as long as I give 4,& 5 star ratings, then people like me, if I disagree with a book, which I find more flaws, and speak up about them, then my Right to Freedom of Speech is trying to be subdued. I have said, I love the other Pennington Books, not this one. As far as low self-esteem because of her adoption, I had a very good friend in the Military, she was left as a small baby, when her parents came and got her, she hated the term adoption. They loved her, they clothed, and fed her, they sent her to the best College, she was given a beautiful Wedding, they came to visit her family overseas, they were her parents! I asked her, did you ever want to meet your real parents, she was furious, she told me, just like the Pennington’s , her parents, were her real parents! She absolutely loved them, as they did her. She did not have one ounce of low self-esteem! She married a handsome man who absolutely adored her! That is what Lady Josephine deserved! This is my opinion, and I am sticking to it!

I don’t recommend!


No Earls Allowed by Shana Galen

No Earls Allowed by Shana Galen

Shana galen no earls allowed

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Pearls
Series: The Survivors #2
Publication Date: March 6, 2018

It is a truth universally acknowledged
that a lady can do anything a man can do:
backwards and in high-heeled dancing slippers.

Lady Juliana, daughter of the Earl of St. Maur, needs all the help she can get. She’s running a ramshackle orphanage, London’s worst slumlord has illicit designs on her, and her father has suddenly become determined to marry her off.

Enter Major Neil Wraxall, bastard son of the Marquess of Kensington, sent to assist Lady Juliana in any way he can. Lucky for her, he’s handy with repairs, knows how to keep her and the orphans safe, and is a natural leader of men.

Unfortunately for both of them, the scandal that ensues from their mutual attraction is going to lead them a merry dance…

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I love the hero! Neil, any woman who doesn’t fall in love with him, needs therapy! He is struggling with PTSD, after suicide missions during the Napoleonic War. He is the illegitimate son of a Marquess, acknowledged, but not loved. His father hands him jobs go to, being a soldier, he carries his missions out! His father, and the Earl of St. Maur , very close friends, have a new mission for him, bring the Earl’s daughter home! The biggest problem is, she is totally an Earl’s daughter! She is running an Orphanage, not helping, running it, daily, she spends nights there, in Spitalfields, the very dangerous part of London. Neil figures this will take one afternoon, gather her up, take her home. He did not count on a house full of little boys, roof leaking all over the place, general chaos. Nor, did he count on meeting the most beautiful woman, that he had ever seen! Love the story, love the children, love his witty friends! I love what one of them said, “The two of them together, were too pretty go look at”! Love that!
I highly recommend! Thanks! Enjoy!


Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Marry By Elizabeth Essex

March 24, 2018

elizabeth essex

My Rating:  5 out of 5 Pearls
Series: The Highland Brides #4
Publication Date: March 19, 2018

How would you know your one true love, if you didn’t even know your own self? A man stripped of his past Ewan Cameron, 5th Duke of Crieff has his future carefully laid out. Heir to a great estate, he’s been betrothed to Lady Greer Douglas since childhood. After years of correspondence, the date is set—they will meet, marry and be happy. But on the way to his wedding, a vicious attack steals everything he holds dear—his home, his future, his bride, and his very self. A woman robbed of her future Lady Greer Douglas has been faithfully writing to her betrothed, the Duke of Crieff for ten years. Finally, the day she has waited for is at hand—but fate has unkind plans. When her wedding day turns into a funeral, Greer must leave the past behind, and embark on a future without her bridegroom. While mourning her lost love, Greer is drawn to an injured stranger she encounters on the moor. Compassion leads to friendship, and friendship leads to love that reopens the doors to his shuttered memories. Convinced this man is the lost duke, she helps him embark on a journey to regain everything he has lost. But his would-be murderers lurk nearby, and every step into the past puts their lives in peril. Can they regain their future, without losing their reawakened love—or their lives? A heart-rending tale of love, loss, and rediscovery.

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I highly Recommend! I enjoyed this book tremendously! It is the best book that I have read in two weeks! Lady Greer reminds me of young ladies raised in the South! We are sweet, kind, loving, sexy, intelligent, with backbones of steel! I have pre ordered mine!


The Duke’s Defiant Debutante by Gemma Blackwood

March 22, 2018

The Duke’s Defiant Debutante by Gemma Blackwood

Gemma Blackwood

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Pearls
Publication Date: March 22, 2018

The reclusive Duke of Redhaven is not somebody to be trifled with.

Fortunately, neither is Miss Angelica Stirling.

Lively, clever, and rather too outspoken, Angelica does not have high hopes for her first London Season… not that she particularly cares. Who needs a husband when you have a good book?

When she receives a surprise proposal from Edward Thorne, Duke of Redhaven, it seems too good to be true. And it is.

The Duke is handsome, mysterious, and brooding – and everything Angelica doesn’t want in a husband. Is one of the biggest fortunes in England really worth the trouble?

Edward returns to London after a decade’s self-imposed exile in need of one thing: a bride. But his strategy of proposing to the first agreeable-looking girl he meets backfires spectacularly. Angelica is anything but the docile debutante he took her for.

Before long, Edward is facing a predicament he never imagined. Angelica has run away from London – and she’s taken his heart with her.

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This is a great, clean, historical romance, with villainy of course! Edward Thorne, Duke of Redhaven, has been living as a recluse for ten years. Some people believe it is because he injured a man in a duel, simply for wanting to marry his sister. They also believe that he murdered his sister. How the ton loves to gossip! He has realized he must take a bride, in order to have an heir. Of course, the next in line, with the most to gain, is our villain, his first cousin. Now, residing in his ducal home in London, his only friend from Eton, is there to fulfill his curiosity, The Earl Of Lathkill, cannot imagine what would bring his very reclusive friend to town.

Isabel Stirling, the youngest of two daughters, of a very wealthy merchant, is prepaing for her come-out ball. She would be much more excited, except, she is reading a book? The real cause is that her lovely, sweet sister Lily, is too ill to come down to be with her. However, Lily talks their very sweet Mother in allowing her to sit during the ball. Who do we think shows up to the ball? Yes indeed, the reclusive, non talkative, murderous duke! He ask to dance with Isabel, believing her to be quiet, and biddable, to his regret, after the damage is done, he finds out, she is an extreme expressive. It is a good light read, after a stressful day. I think Miss Blackwood is getting better with each book!

I recommend! Thanks! Enjoy!






Scent of Danger by Wendy Vella

March 13, 2018

Scent of Danger by Wendy Vella


My Rating: 5 out of 5 Pearls
Series: Sinclair and Raven #4
Publication Date: March 30, 2018

She believes in duty, not love….
As the illegitimate sister of the Duke of Raven, Emily knows only too well how society judges a woman like her, and what a debt of gratitude she owes her family. She also knows the vital importance of maintaining independence, and how cruel fate can eclipse good intentions anytime. Certainly she’s not going to let her head or heart get fooled by the devilishly annoying Cambridge Sinclair, her family’s protector, and London’s notorious rake… who also happened to save her life… more than once.

He’s a reformed rake seeking redemption….
Cam has been intrigued by the mysterious Miss Emily Tolly for years, even though theirs is a turbulent relationship. With her family and others, she’s shy and timid, but with him, she’s anything but. He knows this kitten has claws beneath the quiet exterior and a whole lot of other secrets she’s hiding. But her passion and intelligence draw him irresistibly to her, so when he’s given the opportunity to rescue her once again, he grabs it with both hands. This rescue, though, takes the form of a hastily arranged marriage, which Cam enters into willingly for her sake and her family’s. What he doesn’t count on is the closer he and Emily get, the stronger their passion burns, and Cam finds himself wanting not just her body, but her heart too.

A destiny written in the stars
It was meant to be a dutiful betrothal from the start, but it soon becomes something more. As Emily sees the real man beneath the roguish reputation, her carefully guarded heart begins to believe and hope. Dare she trust the one man who could destroy her?

*All books in this series are standalone stories with an HEA.

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I love this series of the Ravens, and Sinclair’s, the legend goes back to the 1300 hundred, when the a Sinclair saves The Duke of Raven, henceforth, by order of the King, they were to become protectors of all future Ravens. The legend still holds, in England in 1816. 

The current Duke of Raven is married to a Sinclair, as is his half-brother, Max. The entire family lives on a block in the City of London. The older Sinclair’s take care of their  younger brother, and twin sisters. They are so precious, you truly wish that you too, could be in this close family.

The Duke of Raven, James, had not long ago found a half-sister, born on the wrong side of the blanket, Emily. She has so many secrets that she continues to hold onto, in spite of the love , her brother has shown her. Emily is grateful, she is loving toward the families,except for Cambridge, Cam, to his family. They argue every time they are in the same room together.

This is witty, loving, a bit of danger, that could devastate the two families, before it has time to begin. I am a huge Wendy Vella fan, because of heart warming books, just like this one.

I highly Recommend! Thanks! Enjoy!