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I am a voracious reader. Love Historical Romance, Historical Suspense, Mysteries, Biographies, WWII, and Cozy Mystery. I Review books for Authors, when they ask, also for Netgalley, I also beta read. Obviously, I love to read. My Reviews are under carolintallahassee đź‘’. I am honest, my integrity is important to me.I do not Review Vampire, Erotica, or Occult themed Books. The Books I Review and Highly Recommend will make you happy that you Read them. I will have Best Selling Authors who will bring free books for you to enjoy, and have a nice Q& A session, meet people behind the books. Authors whose books, I would happily Recommend. Have A Joyful Day!đź‘’

I liked this book, then hated this book. I could not decide until the end. Intriguing mystery, usual villain of narcissistic personality. Very well written, how could these intelligent women not realize at a faster pace who was responsible? Stories like this make me wonder, what kind of parents let fourteen-year-olds wander around the mountains at any time, much less when it is dark?
I recommend! Good Read! Thank you Netgalley.