Murder in Maplewood!

What a good read! This is a first and a new author. Bo, Roberta, comes home to the Mountain Town of Maplewood in time for the Tourist Season. She is helping her younger sister Mary out at her Lodge Bed and Breakfast, Smokewood. During the day, Bo writes for the Town’s newspaper. The reason she came back, she was homesick, not just for her sisters, mostly for Keegan, who she had been in love with since High School. The book could have used more info, like, how many people actually lived there year round! I remember reading it swelled to twenty thousand during the summer months. I live in North Florida, where 150 thousand people live year round, when the Universities are in, then it swells to another one hundred thousand. Yet, not two hours from here, there are small towns of 2 thousand, some up to 3 thousand, not what you normally perceive of Florida.

This small town in Arizona had more than a sheriff’s office; they had a Search and Rescue. Also, I assume a City Police Department, somehow Keegan is put on leave, by someone, his chief, but, if he is the Sheriff, who had the authority to do that? I am pointing out discrepancies in the story. I can assure you, the small towns around us, have only the local Sheriff’s office, if four people went missing, and a dead woman found, the FDLE would be all over it, as would the Florida State Troopers, if needed, the local FBI!

Those are my questions? The story starts out well, Bo, and Keegan get together quickly, start investigating the crimes together. The suspects are great, that is where more conversation should have taken place. Mary’s fiance’s ex-wife has come up from Phoenix to try and get her husband, Kurt back! Kurt and Mary should be having discussions, just my opinion. The blurb is scarier than the book. I do look forward to the growth of this author.

One Night of Scandal By Darcy Burke

This is the cutest story! Lady Viola, sister to the Duke of Easterleigh and granddaughter of the ferocious Dowager Easterleigh has been masquerading as a man for two years! She is writing stories for a ladies magazine, that only allows male writers! Her brother knows, as do his best friend, and their wives. She is oblivious that someone else knows, Jack Barrett, MP, and friend of her brother, Valentine. Jack saw her bend over one night and knew immediately, that backside belonged to a woman! The entire story is too cute; she wants to write a remarkable story; he wants to protect her. Neither one is looking to get married! We will see after One Night of Scandal.

I recommend! Thank you for the Arc!

This is a Five Pearl Review!

Wrong House To Burgle,

By Glenn McGoldrick

This is a concise story, very humorous, British humor! At first I thought, Oh no, scary! Which I love, then, I realized how funny it is! I needed the laugh! In America, I would have my gun out, he calmly goes about his business! What a hoot!

I must read his next full story!

I liked this book, then hated this book. I could not decide until the end. Intriguing mystery, usual villain of narcissistic personality. Very well written, how could these intelligent women not realize at a faster pace who was responsible? Stories like this make me wonder, what kind of parents let fourteen-year-olds wander around the mountains at any time, much less when it is dark?
I recommend! Good Read! Thank you Netgalley.